Queen Mary Gardens
Floreal, Mauritius

Situated on a prominent site in the high class residential district of Floreal in the centre of Mauritius, the building contains 26 apartments on 8 levels including 4 double storey penthouses on the top 2 floors.

The architecture consists of a piano nobile of lightweight white steel columns and sunscreens sitting on a stone base creating a facade which reinterprets the traditional architecture of Mauritius.

The 4 ground floor apartments have heated swimming pools in a private garden. Separation walls between apartments are planted with orchids and ferns very much in the tradition of old verandahs whilst at the same time improving their acoustic performance and privacy. High ceilings of 3.05m and thick 250mm floor slabs also help to improve air borne and impact noise. A jogging track on the roof enjoying the views and a putting green in the front garden are amenities available to all.

A total of 64 parking spaces have been provided.