Omnicane Holiday Inn
Airport, Mauritius

The Holiday Inn Airport Hotel for Omnicane is situated in an open field not far from the south-east coast on a plot of land facing the sea winds. This was considered as good conditions for natural ventilation to work as a real alternative to air conditioning. The bedrooms would still have air conditioning which would remain as a back-up client preference. The proposal aims to create a ‘green’ hotel minimising energy running costs. The buildings were kept low to minimise their impact on the environment and above all the bedroom layout interweaved between the numerous mature trees of the site. The existing house built entirely in solid reinforced concrete lent itself perfectly for a granite cladding refurbishment. It was therefore proposed to convert it into a new entrance with reflective glass fenestration and a glass canopy porte-cochere with incorporated photovoltaic cells. This would create a hallmark entrance with a high signpost to signal the brand from the airport.