Le Ruisseau Rose
Les Mariannes, Mauritius

Le Ruisseau Rose is the house and office of Jean Francois Koenig on a site at Les Mariannes with 270 degree views of mountains and sea. The building stretches horizontally into the brow of the hill with low lying roof lines which hug the ground. The house blends into the landscape.

Columns are set back 3m from the corners of a square plan. Added to this 2m roof overhang projections create a cantilever of 5m on the corner giving lightness to the roof and enhancing the inside-outside relationship. The internal dark green slate floor carries through externally without steps emphasizing the relationship of the house to the ground and to the outside. A reflective pool separates the house with the office (Re. Offices-Jean-Francois Koenig Architects).