Anglo Mauritius – Swan
Port Louis, Mauritius

Two of a complex of three office buildings, the Anglo Mauritius House, the Swan building and the Swan Group Centre, in the heart of Port Louis were renovated. The existing Anglo Mauritius building was restored to its original architecture by reintroducing lighter aluminium panels in place of the original horizontal heavier concrete panels which had been removed due to fear of collapse. 

Colours were introduced to recapture the spirit of the all reinforced concrete structure with a distinct Le Corbusian influence.

The 3-storey Swan building which was clad in aluminium is reclad in beige marble to uplift and improve the building. The original timber teak shutters which had been painted over are restored to their natural state reviving this noble timber. Aluminium false ceilings which had replaced hardwood were replaced once more with natural timber as a more faithful return to the original architecture.